Rockville Youth Service Bureau

About Us

Rockville Youth Services is housed within the City of Rockville Department of Recreation and Parks, in the Community Services Division. The City offers prevention and early intervention services to children, youth and their families that live within the incorporated limits of Rockville, or attend a local school (please contact us for eligibility screening).

Services for youth and their families include:

  • professional individual and group counseling
  • youth development programs and groups
  • mentoring programs at three local elementary schools and at a local community center.
  • parent education workshops
  • educational seminars on money management and housing issues, and
  • emergency financial assistance for Rockville residents.

Our staff also helps families locate human service resources for financial assistance, housing and temporary shelter, emergency food, childcare, treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, health care and other services. Case management is provided to families to address a variety of complex issues through coordination with other local agencies and programs. Further, the City provides grant funding to local nonprofits and coordinates services for residents, where appropriate.

For additional information, please contact us.

Services Offered

Core Services

  • Formal Counseling
  • Referral and Information Services
  • Informal Counseling
  • Substance Abuse/Mental Health Assessments & Referral
  • Crisis Intervention

Additional Services

  • Community Education
  • Parenting Programs
  • Mentoring
  • Youth Development Programs
  • Family Enhancement Programs
  • Emergency Financial Assistance

Contact Us

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Rockville City Hall
111 Maryland Avenue Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 240-314-8310
Fax: 240-314-8319