District Heights Family & Youth Services Bureau

Our Mission

The District Heights Family & Youth Services Bureau is committed to working with each family to eliminate juvenile delinquency and truancy; reduce family disruptions; promote positive youth development; provide supportive services that honor the family and the child; and serve the Community as a vital resource.

Our Philosophy

The District Heights Family & Youth Services Bureau recognizes the family as the primary educator. Bureau staff seeks to support that role through helping to build effective parenting and family management skills as well as serving to build therapeutic relationships with youth through a variety of creative programs.

Photo by: Undine Hunt

Deborah Turner (r) shows Dr. Beverly Sargent, around the District Heights Community Garden. The Department of Family Services is encouraging the YSB to fight childhood hunger by involving client families with Community Garden programming.

Services Offered

Core Services

  • Formal Counseling
  • Referral and Information Services
  • Informal Counseling
  • Substance Abuse/Mental Health Assessments & Referral
  • Crisis Intervention

Additional Services

  • Community Education
  • Parenting Programs
  • Mentoring
  • Youth Development Programs
  • Family Enhancement Programs
  • Training of counseling, family therapy and social work interns


Contact Us

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Katrina Emerson, LCPC, NCC, ACS | Executive Director
6421 Atwood Street, District Heights, MD 20747
Phone: 301-336-7600
Fax: 301-499-2121